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To Become A Member or Pay Dues, Click Link Below
To Become A Member or Pay Dues, Click Link Below


Oak Cliff Baptist Ministers Union

We, the Baptist Ministers of Dallas, Dallas County, and Vicinity, to form a better union and secure the blessings of unity among the Baptist brethren, do combine our energies for the sole purpose of enriching the fellowship of all Baptist Ministers working together. We want to foster a capable and efficient ministry for our community, and for the furtherance of God's Kingdom in this world. To this end, we do ordain and establish this constitution for the Oak Cliff Baptist Ministers Union.

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Our History

The Oak Cliff Baptist Ministers Union was organized in 1980, at the Allen Chapel Baptist Church, with seventeen ministers present, and Pastor J.R. Allen served as the organizing President.

Our Charter Members are:

  • Rev. H.L. Banks 

  • Rev. Alvin White Sr.

  • Rev. R.L. Jones

  • Rev. W.B. Simon

  • Rev. George Jackon

  • Rev. S.T. Boyd 

  • Rev. L.R. Davis

  • Rev. R.G. Simmons

After two meetings, the Pastors that were interested in organizing were asked to bring $25.00 as an expression of commitment and solidarity in forming the union. At that organizational meeting, Rev. R.L. Jones of the Good Hope Baptist Church brought the first message.

The theme and spirit of the union were to be, "The Union of Opportunity." The newly elected President J.R. Allen emphasized that every Minister and Pastor would have a chance to exercise the gift that God had given them.

The late Dr. Alvin White Sr. suggested that the Oak Cliff Baptist Ministers Union would meet each Thursday, so that there would be no clash with the Dallas Baptist Union's meeting that was held on Wednesdays. Our first weekly meeting place was the True Vine of Holiness Misssionary Baptist Church, where Rev. Wendell Blair Sr. served as Pastor.

Our first Annual Revival was held at Allen Chapel Baptist Church in May of 1981. The first Evangelist was Dr. E. Edward Jones, Pastor of Galilee Baptist Church of Shreveport, LA, and President of the National Baptist Convention of America Incorporated. Our first installation Service was done by Dr. Charles Reed at the Good Hope Baptist Church, where the late Rev. R.L. Jones served as Pastor.

Rev. H.L. Banks, the late Pastor of the New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, introduced the endowment program to the Union. This plan was a blessing to many Union members' families, who received a Beneficiary gift from the Union at the time of the demise of a Union Member, who had paid into the plan. This program later became known as the Security Fund. This plan was in effect from 1980 until 2012 and is now discontinued.

The Union accepted the "Rule of Tenure" in the early 1990s, whereby no officer could serve more than three consecutive years. The Union changed the "Rule of Tenure" for the President who could serve two consecutive two-year terms, and the Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer may serve two four-year terms. 

  • Rev. Wendell Blair Sr.

  • Rev. M.L. Curry

  • Rev. H.L. Crayton

  • Rev. A. Simmons

  • Rev. E.V. Simmons

  • Rev. E.C. Clark

  • Rev. E.M. Bonner

  • Rev. J.G. Mackey 

Past Presidents

  1. The late Rev. J.R. Allen (1980-1982)

  2. The late R.L. Jones (1982-1984)

  3. The late Rev. C.L. Veaset (1984-1986)

  4. The late Rev. G. Jackson (1986-1988)

  5. The late Rev. W.B. Simmons (1988-1989)

  6. Dr. David Henderson (1990-1994)

  7. Dr. Mac E. Sergent (1994-1998)

  8. Dr. Wendell Blair Sr. (1998-2002)

  9. The late Rev. S.L. Johnson (2002-2006)

  10. Rev. N.C. Sargent (2006-2008)

  11. Rev. Lelious A. Johnson (2008-2012)

  12. Rev. R.L. Bonner (2012-2016)

  13. The late Dr. Cedric Stricklin (2016-2020)

  1. Any male Pastor or Minister of a Baptist Church, in good and regular standing and actively participating in a Baptist Church, and os one who holds to the Baptist Doctrine, may apply for membership.​

  2. Applicant must be recommended by a current member of the Oak Cliff Baptist Ministers Union.

  3. With the payment of the dues prescribed by this Union, the candidate must be approved for membership by a majority vote of the present body.

  4. The initial joining fee for any Pastor or Minister desiring membership is twenty-five dollars. ($25.00)

  5. Dues are twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per year, the benevolent fund is twelve dollars ($12.00) per year, for a total of thirty-seven dollars ($37.00) per year. This is the amount of yearly dues after the first time membership fee is paid.

  • $25.00 Membership Fee

  • $25.00 Regular Dues

  • $12.00 Benevolence

       $62.00 Total

Qualifications for Membership

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